Engineering Process Automation

Engineering Process Automation is the aggregate and combination of management information technology and standard engineering fields. Our Automation engineers are professionals who have the expertise and knowledge to design, develop, improve and control systems, for instance, process automation as well as building them. Mojo Solution provides in this course, detailed design specifications and other documents in this creations. Learn to design, program, simulate and test automated machinery and processes that will complete the work.

Time-management skills are important so process automation engineers can utilize the new methods as soon as possible. Some in this position work for consulting firms that have numerous clients, so customer service skills are also beneficial. Some bargaining and purchasing duties may be necessary, and collaboration is also a large part of the training program.

You can learn

  • Program automation processes to enhance goal framework, estimation, scheduling and options identification, etc.
  • Document processes and outcomes.
  • Cooperate with stakeholders to define initial criteria as well as options for potential project shifts.
  • Classify scope and impact chain to develop implementation layouts.

At the end of the program, you can:

  • Show an accurate understanding of the laws and theoretical bases of modern manufacturing techniques, automation, and production methods
  • Classify proper manufacturing systems for various production requirements and analyse their performance
  • Apply relevant technology, quality tools and making methodology to design, re-design and continuously develop the manufacturing operations of engineering firms
  • Plan, research, execute and oversee operations and research projects, critically examine and evaluate data, and efficiently disseminate results
  • Work efficiently as a member of a multidisciplinary team, be self-motivated, ready to work independently and describe leadership