Merging 5G Connectivity with AI Data Applications
Video and image Data Annotation NLP and Speech Annotation & labeling Computer Vision
Mojo Solutions
Offer consultancy in RF UMTS, LTE and DAS design and Optimization. Our industry experts provide training on RF network design, planning and optimization. We also provide consultancy service in IT. Web and Mobile App design and development projects
Artificial Intelligence Data Labelling
We promote datasets labeling, which is the most crucial part of the entire process of training a Machine Learning model. Collecting images for our datasets, and then interpreting each image.
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About Us

Mojo Solutions provides data and AI models improvement for any kind of data be it video/audio processing, computer vision, text data labeling, Lidar 3D cloud data annotation and labeling along with data extraction. We focus on the accuracy of labeling and annotations which leads to better execution of models leading to faster deployment of AI and Machine Learning Models. Deliver value from your AI investments faster with better data for your business.

We have deployments in major enterprises across a range of sectors, including telecommunications, automotive, financial services, hospitality, and Information Technology, and have optimized many AI solutions for our potential through different AI data annotation and labeling platforms.

Our Services


Artificial Intelligence Data Labeling And Annotation

Mojo Solutions provides data and AI models improvement for any kind of data be it video/audio processing, computer vision, text data labeling.


RF Engineering

Mojo Solutions is a leading radio frequency (RF) planning & optimization service provider, which offers consulting, engineering and training services to the Telecommunication industry. Our planning services cover multiple.


Engineering Process Automation

Mojo Solutions has added a new dimension in its growing business, e.g., IT Services, now we also offer Web design and development services, Mobile App development, digital marketing, and UX services. Following user.


Training Sessions

Mojo Solutions offers training programs for UMTS, HSPA and LTE technologies, including in-depth knowledge of RF Engineering, processes, and procedures as well as optimization and performance best practices followed in the industry with the help of a state-of-the-art e-Learning program.


Software Development

Mojo Solutions offers training programs that explore the principles and techniques of software development including Web development and Mobile development. Explains each concept using easy-to-understand analogies. Because this is an E-Learning platform. Our instructors are leading industry experts.

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Mojo Solutions believes in the right talent pool and people who are focused on formulating the best workplace in the industry. This is a talent acquisition program, where machine learning can learn to select your ideal candidate, along with automating manual tasks in the recruitment process.

We Are Here To Help You Grow Your Network

We are here to Accelerate your network planning and deployment

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Why Choose Us?

We are here to Accelerate your network planning and deployment


We provide expert telecom advice. Our team of SMEs brings decades of industry expertise in delivering major network planning, design and deployment milestones.

Save Time & Money

Working with Mojo Solutions will save you time and money with our optimized process and strategies.


All Mojo Solutions professionals are former MNOs and OEMs, RF Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and executives.

Real Clients, Real Testimonials

Baraka Ekpo
Baraka Ekpo
Amazing organization with even better people. An absolute pleasure to work with. I have known and been in business with this company for almost 2 years now and I have never been let down.
Muddassar Waraich
Muddassar Waraich
I have worked with MOJO Solutions and during my tenure with them I have found them very professional and quite thorough. Even in onboarding process, HR and operations manager (Marwa Amer) has been of great help, she had supported me for the all the documentations etc. MOJO Solutions always paid my dues/salary on time, never experienced any delay from company. They have professional team, which support you regarding all queries. I would recommend to work with MOJO Solutions
Ali Raza
Ali Raza
Excellent company with track of keeping resources motivated and happy. I was hired by Mojo and during my stay with them, I was always supported with quality technical support and trainings. I never had any concerns and was always paid on time.
Yaser Khan
Yaser Khan

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