Mojosol Images NLP and Speech Development

Over the past decade, we have increased our investment in statistical natural language processing (NLP) techniques that extend our capabilities. Our engineering teams have built state-of-the-art NLP technology for core document understanding, recommendation, and customer-facing systems to label data needed to develop AI models and Data visualizations.

Mojosol Images Image and Video Annotation Development

A very competitive annotation service for artificial intelligence and machine learning with high-quality training data for diverse businesses is primary focus of our vision. Our trained humans in the loop provide high quality pixel-wise image segmentation for advanced image analysis.

Mojosol Images Data Labelling WorkForce Development

Data Labelling WorkForce plays a very important role in the success of models which will use the labelled data. A workforce which understands and share common understanding, values, laws and principles with society norms and target audience is very important in a way that it balances out for all.
We help our clients with workforce which is trained and as per client needs full or part time employees, managed cloud workers and contractors to deliver high context and quality.

Mojosol Images Data Set Labeling and Annotation Development

We facilitate Dataset Labeling the coordination and directions of multiple distributed labeling workforces, and the mixing between our internal procedures through different platform is easy and works like a charm. In machine learning and AI development, the aspects of data labeling are vital. You need arranged set of training data that a ML system can learn from. Data labeling tools come very much in close because they can automate the labeling process, which is particularly monotonous.

Mojosol Images Computer Vision Development

While AI vision is rapidly growing in popularity, it’s not just big tech enterprises working with cutting-edge AI technology. We provides the different techniques by using capturing shape segmentation, monocular volumetric capture, capturing intent recognition and 3D Mesh application that makes distinguish every individual. Instead, many Computer Vision startups and smaller companies have significantly impacted democratizing AI and bringing its applications to the masses.

Mojosol Images Web Design and Development Development

We design and develop static, dynamic, responsive and CMS based websites. We offer website development spanning from design stage to back-end development stage. We design websites both in low and high fidelity formats, and once they are tested by our UX expert, and approved by clients, the development engineers start coding phase focusing on both front-end and back-end development. Finally, our UX expert performs usability and user testing to validate the whole website.